Loz (lozenger8) wrote in kidsinthehall,

Slings and Arrows Mark McKinney Clips

Slings and Arrows is brilliant, so I suggest that you try and see this series in any which way you can (they better release the DVD set of the first season soon or I will die. Or kill. It will all be very bloody, Hamlet style.) There's been two seasons, six episodes each.

The show is basically about the dealings of the fictitious New Burbage Theatre Festival - which centres on the works of Shakespeare. Mark co-writes and stars as General Manager Richard. There's also Paul Gross, his wife Martha Burns, Rachel McAdams and Don McKellar.

Anyway, preamble over - The Movie Network, who funds the series (which is going into a third season) have a few clips up on their website - two very short ones with Mark - here.
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