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happy bellini day!


HAPPY BELLINI DAY! may we have buttermilk for breakfast. may we sing many disco tunes. may we have trout for dinner. may we poke the prophet bellini. and now, boys and girls, i shall tell you all the story of bellini...

"many years ago, before what our elders call the big traffic jam, there walked upon the earth the man named bellini, who lived in a one-bedroom apartment. bellini walked around smiling and he loved elevator music. now, one day as he was walking to the store to get a jar of buttermilk, he paused to gaze at the majesty of an empty parking lot. he looked up to see a rock. bellini just stood there. you see, to rush or to wear a watch would have been foreign to bellini. thusly, he was struck by the rock and died standing there. in that parking lot where bellini died, a buttermilk tree sprouted! they cut it down, because it WAS a parking lot. but what bellini taught us that day by being crushed by a large rock was to find beauty in the banal, for it is everywhere. bellini was a prophet."
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